The 5 Best Medium Sized Ohio Cities to Live In

Top 5 Medium Cities to Live in Ohio:

The criteria was simple. I excluded any towns that were basically suburbs of bigger cities. This is just for the stand alone cities. Excluded are Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Akron/Canton, Dayton, Toledo and all of the suburbs of those cities.

1. Marysville – With Scot’s and Honda plants in the area, plus only being a 30 minute drive from Columbus, Marysville gives you a small town feel but keeps you close enough that you can have the big city feel as well.

2. Sandusky – America’s Roller Coast is located on Lake Erie, and is known mostly for Cedar Point. This tourist attraction is one of the biggest in the country. The city is nestled in-between Toledo and Cleveland for easy access.

3. Athens – With the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains taking over most of southeast Ohio, Athens emerges as a welcomed blend of people thanks in large part to Ohio University. The town is a little dead in the summer months, but a variety of activities are available during the school year for all ages.

4. Marietta – Ohio’s oldest city is also one of the state’s best kept secret. Much like Athens, it has a college, albeit a much smaller one. The city is set on the banks of the Ohio River and has a New England feel to it.

5. Circleville – Like Marysville, it is about a half an hour from Columbus. Originally built in the shape of a circle, it ditched that for a more conventional look. However, it is home to the “Greatest Free Show on Earth,” The Pumpkin Show, which brings in close to a million visitors each year in October.

Source by Mark Parachas

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